A customized, robotic welding cell is ideal for a company that is looking to grow, improve quality, and/or reduce production costs. The robotic welding cell can be more precise, produce a better-quality weld, will continuously work without fatigue, and can weld in places and conditions someone from your team cannot go.

When reviewing what you want your automated welding cell(s) to complete, also review the necessary fixtures that are needed. While working with you through the process, we may be able to completely redesign the fixture to work with multiple pieces. This can eliminate downtime due to switchovers, further increase the efficiency of the weld cell, and allow for smaller custom runs that were previously thought unprofitable.

Our objective is to provide the most accurate and reliable welds for you. Whether it is an arc, spot, or MIG welding, it is our overall goal to exceed your expectations for reliability, performance, quality, and value.

We work across industries and focus on your specific process to design and implement a custom solution to fit your goals. Get a no-cost, hassle-free consultation from an experienced Flores Automation Project Manager or Engineer: 262-682-4229 or use our Quick Contact Form.

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