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The use of robotic integration in your process, as a stand-alone robotic cell or an integrated line, can have a very financially beneficial impact on your manufacturing or assembly operations. From consistent and increased throughput to improved and consistent quality, to a potential reduction in employee lost work hours and downtime are just a few reasons to consider. Adding a robotic cell(s) can allow for a better-trained workforce that focuses more on complex assemblies rather than simple ones.

As a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator, we have the experience of working with most styles of robots, from Articulated to Delta, and industrial to service styles. Our engineering and machine-build team tirelessly work to design, build, and fully integrate the cell(s), surpassing expectations.

Design, Engineering, Implementation

Whatever is driving you toward factory or process automation through robotic integration, we are here to help — from design to engineering, to implementation. Flores Automation has a rich history of working with companies across numerous industries to carefully engineer machines that seamlessly integrate into our customers’ processes.

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