Pick and Place

The more the assembly/manufacturing line is in operation, the more pieces are produced. As demand increases, you may encounter production challenges like:

  • Line speed increases to meet the demand
  • May need to hire more workers
  • Employee fatigue can become a factor
  • Potential increase in errors
  • Older equipment may breakdown or cannot handle an increase in production

By taking a comprehensive approach to understanding the shape and complexity, a robotic pick and place can work with your assembly/manufacturing process. We can create a seamless integration that will:

  • Utilize the appropriate EOA
  • Incorporate proper vision hard and software
  • Reduce overall per piece cost through automation
  • Maximizing uptime to keep production goals met

We work across industries and focus on your specific process to design and implement a custom solution to fit your goals. Get a no-cost, hassle-free consultation from an experienced Flores Automation Project Manager or Engineer: 262-682-4229 or use our Quick Contact Form.

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